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Car Insurance 

Benefits With QuickQuotes.ie 

We offer the following benefits* from our car insurance providers: 
Driving other cars extension 
Fully or partially protected No Claims Bonus 
Windscreen cover 
Breakdown Assistance 
Note *some policies include the above as standard and on some policies these are optional extras. 

What Documents are Required to Take Out a Car Insurance Policy? 

Your new car insurance company may need you to sign a proposal form/statement of fact 
A copy of driving licenses for all persons insured under the policy 
Your expiring No claims Bonus 
Policy-dependent, you may also be required to supply: 
A utility bill/confirmation of home address 
An NCT certificate 
A VLC/log book 

What does Comprehensive Insurance cover? 

Comprehensive insurance cover can be broken down into 3 distinct parts 

Car – Third party cover – covers damage caused by you to other persons or property whilst driving your car* 
Fire and Theft – Covers the cost of repairing or replacing your car following a fire or theft/attempted theft.* 
Accidental Damage – Covers the cost of repairing or replacing your car following damage caused to it by you.* 
*Please refer to your own schedule of insurance and policy document for full terms and conditions. The above is a summary only. 

What else can be added to your insurance policy? 

Breakdown assistance 
Driving other cars – you can drive a car not belonging to you for Third Party only cover. 
No claims bonus protection – you can get full bonus protection or partial/step back protection. 
Windscreen cover – allows you claim for a broken windscreen without affecting your no claims bonus. 

Car Insurance May be Affected by Not Declaring the following items: 

Penalty points. 
Part –time occupations. 
Accidents that you may have had driving someone else car/employer car. You may not think they are relevant, however, it’s better to let us know. 


“I dealt with Ken in Quick Quotes for my car insurance. I found him to be very professional and the rates were extremely competitive. Recently I switched my home insurance to Quick Quotes and Ken made the process very simple and once again the price was very reasonable. I would have no problem in recommending Quick Quotes to my friends and family.” 
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Car Insurance Frequently Asked Questions... 

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What does Driving Other Cars mean? 

If you hold a motor insurance policy, you may have Driving Other Cars extension (DOC). Always check first if you have this cover. If you do, it allows you to drive a car not belonging to you for Third Party Only cover. Please check with your Insurer to get the exact Insurance wording as some DOC extensions differ. 
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What is Open Driving under my insurance policy? 

If you have Open Driving on your insurance policy, it will cover drivers who with your consent are driving your car with a full driving licence. Some Open Driving policies have age limits, e.g. only drivers 25 to 70. Please check your own policy for the open driving insurance wording. 
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What is an excess on my car insurance policy? 

Your excess is a monetary amount that you cover in the event of damage claim e.g. If you have an excess of €500.00 you must pay the first €500.00 of any damage claims to your car. As always, please check with your own broker/insurer to check the excess wording. 

I have been involved in a Car Accident. 

Please refer to our claims page. 

Can I protect my No Claims Bonus? 

Yes – please check with your insurer for the cost of protecting it and the exact Bonus Protection you are getting for your motor Insurance as different Insurers offer different levels of No Claims Bonus Protection. 

Can I use my car abroad? 

Most policies offer 30 days consecutive travel abroad – please refer to your policy wording for your own insurance policy. 

I have heard stories that it’s difficult to insure cars over 10 years of age? 

Yes – we are seeing more and more Insurers charge differently for cars over 10 years of age. We would always recommend that you ring your broker/insurer before buying a car to see what options are available for insurance. 

How can I bring my car Insurance premium down? 

Ring Quickquotes.ie for a start! After that, make sure you have a full license and maximum no claims bonus. Sometimes adding a spouse or parent to your policy can reduce the premium. Try if possible to drive a car less than 10 years old. Some Insurers can now tell if your car has an NCT on it – ensure your car has a valid NCT displayed. 

I am thinking of changing my car. Will this affect my car Insurance? 

Make sure to contact us with the time and date of the transfer. Always send back the old certificate and disc to enable us to complete the change of car insurance. 

I have a Foreign licence. What do I do? 

Most EU licences can be changed to an Irish Full Licence. Please check with the Licensing Authorities. 

What’s a material fact that may affect my car insurance policy? 

If in doubt, ring us and ask, however here are some of the more important ones that can affect your motor insurance policy – 
Change of drivers, Change of Car, Change of Address, Penalty Points, Conviction or Prosecutions, ,Motor Claim whilst driving under someone else’s Car Insurance policy e.g. Employer, Modifications or change to your car, Change of Occupation – are you now using your car for business travel for your new job? 

If I increase my excess, will it reduce my car Insurance premium? 

It’s quite possible – give us a call and we can check with your car insurance provider. 

Will I get a discount on my car Insurance premium if I take out a home insurance policy with the same Insurer? 

In most cases yes! Most Insurers give multi policy discounts if they hold your Car Insurance and Home Insurance policy. 

I was using my car for business travel and now I’m based in the office all the time. Will this reduce my car Insurance premium? 

If you had been charged for Business Use ( Class 2) under your existing car Insurance policy and now no longer use the car for Business Travel you will be able to bring down the premium for your car insurance policy. 

Will reducing the value of my car bring my car insurance premium down? 

Each Insurer has different rating guides for vehicle values. Make sure you let us know the correct market value for your car and we can check with your Insurer. 

I am not sure of the exact model of my car and don’t want to give the incorrect information. 

Insurers and Brokers use Cartell and all we need is the registration number and we can pick up the correct make and model to make sure your car insurance is arranged the right way! 

My car has an alarm and an immobilizer. Surely this will help reduce my car Insurance premium? 

Yes it will! 

I have just built a garage and park my car in it. Will this reduce my car insurance premium. 

In some cases Insurers charge less for a car parked in a garage compared to a driveway or Public street. 

I need to add someone to my policy. Can I do that? 

Please contact us with the persons name, date of birth, occupation, address and a copy of their driving licence and we will check with your Insurance provider on your behalf. 

Do you I have breakdown assistance, windscreen breakage etc.? 

Please check your policy wording and if you have the cover under your Insurance policy please refer to our claims section with all the relevant emergency contact numbers on it. 
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