Whether you are in the market for car, van, home or business insurance, the reality is that the task can be daunting. With each new renewal you are charged with either accepting the renewal quote from your current provider or going ‘out to the market’ – Which can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. 
So, where can an insurance broker step in and ease this burden? 
You’ll Receive Better Cover 
Shopping for the right policy to fit your unique needs can be tough. 
Shopping for insurance can be a mess, riddled with loopholes and jargon that can make it tough for industry-outsiders to choose the right coverage. An insurance broker will help you to navigate all of this jargon and shine a light on what matters most to you. 
Through engaging an insurance broker you will be able to ensure you have the right cover should things ever go wrong and you need to make a claim – something we all hope against! 
You’ll Save Money 
Is your current insurer definitely offering you the best price? 
It can be fast and easy to simply renew your insurance, but this is often how customers lose out on potential savings. With customers weary of going ‘back on the market’ and researching several insurers, renewing with your current provider can seem like an easy trade-off. 
This is where an insurance broker will come in and take away this burden of extra work, simply chatting to you about your needs and coming back to you with several policy options for you to choose from. 
On average, customers will save money 70% of the time when they shop around and do not simply renew with their current provider. 
You’ll Have Peace of Mind 
Taking the time to check your insurance is incredibly important. This is because you don’t want to get stuck with inadequate Insurance cover. An insurance broker will ease this burden from your shoulders, asking you all of the right questions to ensure you are 100% covered. 
With several available insurance providers for any one policy and rising cost of living, an insurance broker will help you to stay 100% covered and save money. 
You may be thinking: Why should I care about updating my insurance? Is it really worth the hassle of doing so? The answer is yes. 
QuickQuotes.ie provides a 100% online experience with the personal touch. Customers can use the e-quotes system to make a 100% online application, with multiple insurer options displayed live on-site. 
For those wanting a more personal touch, they can simply fill out the first few questions, get your estimated ‘Quick Quote’ and one of our insurance agents will call to finalise your quote and present your options. 
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